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Hello from Livingston Taylor!

Hello from Livingston Taylor

[Photo credit: Steve Connors. Photo taken August 2016 in Westport, Massachusetts]


And may the upcoming holiday joy find you early (sorry to have rushed the season, but certainly someone was going to).

The past year has found me all over the U.S. plus Japan and India, spilling out music to beautiful audiences ‘round the globe. My 50th year in music, 2017, is shaping up to be one of the best years ever, including a January release of my new Chesky CD, “Songs My Parents Sang Too Loud”. Recalling the amazing melodies that filled my young ears, this CD honors the songs my parents used to launch me on the musical adventure that started in 1967. With Shelly Berg on piano, for two days an empty church in Brooklyn turned into a musical palace. Great players with great songs….life IS good.

Please keep up with my schedule and find me out there as I need to see you as often as possible… to you all….liv