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About Liv

Livingston Taylor’s career as a professional musician has spanned over 50 years, encompassing performance, songwriting, and teaching. Described as "equal parts Mark Twain, college professor, and musical icon, Livingston maintains a performance schedule of more than a hundred shows a year, delighting audiences with his charm and vast repertoire of his 22 albums and popular classics. Livingston has written top-40 hits recorded by his brother James Taylor and has appeared with Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, and Jimmy Buffet. He is equally at home with a range of musical genres - folk, pop, gospel, jazz - and from upbeat storytelling and touching ballads to full orchestra performances. In addition to his performance schedule, Livingston has been a full professor at Berklee College of Music for 30 years, passing on the extensive knowledge gained from his long career on the road to the next generation of musicians. Liv is an airplane-flying, motorcycle-riding, singing storyteller, delighting audiences with his charm for over 50 years.

Livingston Taylor's The Stage Performance Playbook

A Stagecraft Masterclass for Captivating Your Audience

Livingston Taylors The Stage Performance Playbook

This indispensable 5 1/2 hour Stage Performance masterclass includes 52 video lessons, 19 stage performance examples, and 11 homework assignments to help you assimilate the principles and make them your own.

Livingston organized the course into focused sections: What Is A Performance, Your Audience, Nervousness, Internalized Time, Lyric & Melody Delivery, Practice, At The Venue, The Flow Of Your Show, Song Introductions, Being On Stage, and After The Show.

MINDFUL MUSIC: The Virtual Series

MINDFUL MUSIC The Virtual Series

Guest Music Artist Interviews by Thomas Dawson, Jr., David Wilcox and Livingston Taylor

Fun news, Livingston fans!

Livingston was recently an honored guest music artist for a knock-your-socks-off national “music & mind” VIRTUAL program. Within his stellar interview & music, you’ll hear stories you’ve never heard before! His fans can join him, and two other guest music artists, in this educational adventure for $100 off regular tuition. (Music to your ears!)

For more details, and how to register, click here.

MINDFUL MUSIC: The Virtual Series
with Molly Lord
Series One


Follow These Steps to get the $100 off deal:

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Livingston and Molly look forward to seeing his fans on the inside!

The Livingston Taylor Show

“You never know where it’s gonna go!”

The Livingston Taylor Show

A half hour of tunes, tall tales, and tantalizing tidbits, streaming on Facebook and YouTube. An old timey television show for the digital age hosted by Livingston, truly an original talent and character.

Currently, we are offering 2 paid sponsorship slots per show. This includes:
  • The company or organization will be featured on Liv's 'Sponsorship Shingle' during the show
  • 2 mentions of the company or organization by Livingston during the show
  • A tagged post the day following the show mentioning that the company or organization
If you are interested in sponsoring an episode of The Livingston Taylor show, please email