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Livingston Taylor

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Livingston Taylor to entertain us at The Kate; a life on stage

For starters, singer-songwriter Livingston (“Liv”) Taylor’s been around, on the music scene, since he was 18. Music legend Jon Landau discovered him through a mutual friend, and thusly, a career was born.

Fans may see Taylor on the Shoreline when he performs at the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook on Aug. 18.

After two-plus decades on the road, Taylor became a college professor, teaching two courses at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Stage Performance I and II. He was asked aboard in 1989 after being a popular guest lecturer there in the ’80s.

At the age of 60, add “author” to Taylor’s resume. As a Berklee professor, he knew he had to finally compile the copious knowledge he’d been passing down to students and lecture audiences alike.