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Last Alaska Moon Review

by Greg Petty, Boom NC

Livingston Taylor is a natural born storyteller. While all four Taylor siblings have been in the music business, Livingston has been working at his craft the longest. While perhaps not as famous as James, Livingston brings his own experiences into his music with the eclectic and varied musical genres that he so easily slips into.

Last Alaska Moon allows him to exhibit his full-range of songwriting and varied musical genres of folk, gospel, jazz and pop. Along with the musical variety, I enjoyed the top-notch production of the album. As Taylor states, “This is a big, broad, lush recording with full string sessions.”

I particularly enjoyed Everybody’s Just Like Me, the bluegrass tunes Henry and Livingston’s cover of Michael Jackson’s The Girl is Mine. His interpretation of the song makes it his own. The accompanying musicians are some of the best in the business, bassist Leland Sklar, guitarists Vince Gill, Dam Timinski and Chris Rodriguez, drummer Steve Gadd and keyboard ace Shane Keister with backing vocals by Andrea Zonn.